Television Spots

Baking up good feelings with love and precision

Every hospital wants their image to be 75 percent clinical expertise and 75 percent warmth and compassion. Can you blame them? Consumers expect 150 percent. To do the impossible, you often put one message in pictures, one in words. Here we managed to blend them seamlessly in both.

Cook’s Notes
Stephanie Weingartner and I made up the animated spot. She supervised visuals and I was responsible for words and sound. The spot was a hit, one I’ve seen duplicated stylistically by other hospitals. Kudos to Crash+Sues in Minneapolis for fantastic animation and music.

Dennis Rutherford and I invented the disappearing medical equipment. Filmyard brought it to life. They flew in from Albuquerque to produce, and flew us out for post. Amazingly smooth, expert production. Flawless sound by fondly remembered Sonic Arts.

“Drawing Your Life” TV Spot

“Beyond Technologyi” TV Spot