Television Spots

Two ways to serve the warmth of home

Like many community-based hospices, Hospice of Dayton has a long history and enjoys deep support from individuals and local organizations. A notable example was a PSA by actor Martin Sheen as thanks for the care his brother and family received.

A second project done in the same shoot was an interview for a development video. Done on the fly. It was a little intense. I’m glad I wasn’t on camera.

A separate television concept emphasized the circle of family, central to the philosophy of Hospice of Dayton.

Cook’s Notes
Martin Sheen volunteered for the PSA. Art director Cliff Lin and I invented the family spot, and Road Pictures, out of Indianapolis, made both happen with flawless production. Red Echo Post cut them like gems. The heart-warming sound is all Sonic Arts, a fabulous studio that’s unfortunately no longer with us.

Martin Sheen PSA

“Come Together” TV Spot