Outdoor Boards 2

Cooking up Messes

Big, bold and simple is how Roto-Rooter likes it. These exaggerated scenes capture the uh-oh of stopped-up pipes and leaky plumbing. With such strong images, they work in both outdoor and direct mail formats.

Roto-Rooter still uses these. You see them now and then on outdoor boards. Their simplicity makes them always relevant and arresting.

Cook’s Notes
Dennis Rutherford and I thought these up. Thank you to the model makers and photographers who brought them to life.

Roto-Rooter Bear Stuck in Pipe Outdoor Board
Roto-Rooter House Full of Water Outdoor Board
Roto-Rooter Woman in Cupboard Outdoor Board
Roto-Rooter Cell Phone over Flood Outdoor Board
Roto-Rooter Plunger out of Toilet Outdoor Board